What is Nutrisystem Fast 5?

Nutrisystem Fast 5 is a carefully designed kit of meals for one-week needed to keep the promise of losing five-pound weight of the customer in first week. This kit is supported with a money-back guarantee to ensure customers about its effectiveness. The Fast 5 includes the details of the foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner along with the formulation of some new shakes for seven days for men as well as women, to meet their weight loss needs.


Nutrisystem Fast 5 is provided with the shipment of Nutrisystem diet program for the first month after signing up this 28 days auto delivery meal plan. You can also see Nutrisystem box video which clearly defines the use of the Fast 5. A Daily Tracker provided with the Nutrisystem foods for your personal needs like tracking your progress. You can also add vegetables in this diet plan to enhance its effect.

The kit of Jumpstart 5 Day Nutrisystem weight loss diet program contains information about the foods to be included in breakfast, lunch and dinners for next 7 days along with 2 unique Nutrisystem shakes, especially designed for this diet program.

One of these shakes is Energizing shake packed with vitamins, green tea and caffeine along with vitamin D and Calcium and the other is Craving Crusher shake which includes protein and fibre along with a mixture of antioxidants and vitamins to curb the craving for snack vending machine in the afternoon. If you are going hard on snacks then these shakes will certainly help you.

Foods offered by Nutrisystem Fast 5

You may find this portion of Nutrition Fast 5 most difficult to follow as it makes huge changes in your eating habits. But it can control your hunger from the next very day if you stick to it t lose your weight fast. The menu of Fast 5 diet plan may include:

  • Nutrisystem Entree Chocolate Muffin for muffin lovers along with Coffee with low fat creamer in the breakfast.
  • For Snack time it allows an Energizing shake discussed above with bell pepper snacks. You can make it in your blender by adding some ice cubes to it.
  • In lunch Nutrisystem Entree allows you to add so many yummy things by choosing from the list provided with it. You may include cherry tomatoes and some seasoning or the Kung Pao Noodles or chocolate bars with a huge plat of spinach salad and bell pepper in your lunch menu. If you are food crazy then they also allow adding a soup with a side salad or a salad to you lunch to make it yummier for you.
  • In Snack it allows a Craving Crusher shake discussed above along with roasted green beans or steamed carrots.
  • In dinner this diet plan offers Nutrisystem Entree diet with salad and lots of water to drink or your favourite calorie free drink or diet soda.

Thus you can easily lose 5 pounds in a week if you want to jump start weight loss program by following Nutrisystem Fast 5 diet plan closely. You can continue it easily after following it just for one week. Learn more on Fattoslim.net/experience-lightning-fast-weight-loss-nutrisystem-fast-5/ to get even better grasp how you can lose weight with this program.