How To Do The Apple Diet For An Effective Weight Loss Program

People are always talking about some latest weight loss diet, and many of them just come and go. The apple diet is one of the latest trends of diet regimen for weight loss. Does it really work? Is it safe? How do you do it? So let’s take a look at more about the apple diet.

What Is The Apple Diet?

dieta_de_la_manzanaThe apple diet is also called the apple cleansing fast as this particular diet regimen helps clean up your digestive system. What you have to do is eat apples only for a certain period.

This diet also cleans your kidneys and liver as well as boosts your energy and general well-being. Since apples are rich in pectin, your cholesterol level will be reduced as well.

The apple diet is simple and easy to follow, therefore, popular among first time dieter or cleansers. Most common apple diet method lasts for three days to clear toxins and remove extra fat from your body to make you feel lighter and fresher.

How Do You Do It?

1. First of all, see your doctor and discuss the benefits and the possible problem of the apple diet (also known as the dieta de la manzana in Spanish, in countries like Spain and Mexico). Tell him all your medical history and medication you are taking, and find out if it is safe and beneficial for you to go on the apple diet.

2. A few days before you start the apple diet, as a preparation, you need to eat healthily and light food to prevent sudden shock to your body.

3. Get organic apples and eat as many as you like whenever you want for the first three days. If you are thirsty, drink apple juice, apple cider or water. Don’t drink apple juice with added sugar.

4. To break the fast, on the fourth day of the morning, take two tablespoons of olive oil and a glass of fresh orange juice to encourage bowel movements.

5. Don’t jump on unhealthy food straight away, eat fresh fruits and vegetables and gradually introduce some grains to your diet.

6. Maintain a healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet and regular exercise, and repeat the apple diet once a month to get the best result.

Is It Safe?

The apple diet is safe as long as you do it only for a short period, maximum five days. Most commonly the apple diet lasts for three days. The apples are healthy food and rich in vitamins, still they are not complete food so if you just stick with the apples only diet for a long term, it could cause deficiency of certain nutrition and end up with some health problems.