Mistakes to Avoid When Using a Juicer

It’s a new dawn. We got to do things the modern way. Time is gone when you had to struggle with bulk foods in the pursuit of feeding your body with nutrients. Nobody likes working. Am not sure your digestive system does like all the breakdown process too. If there is an option, am sure it will consider it as first priority. There is one; the juicer. It’s a modern machine that does the primary digestion on behalf of the digestive system. What is left is for the body to take it the ready-made nutrients. Make have taken in the juicer concept, but not all are getting the optimum results from them. Check out these commonly made mistakes and avoid them.

  1. Adding many sweet fruits

Just like a blender, people see the fruits once they hear of a juicer. It is believed that fruits are the foods to be juiced by a juicer. Well, that’s a mistake. There is so much more that can be juiced. Vegetables are the best. The reason behind this claim is that the fruits have more of fructose. That’s a sugar similar to glucose and the effects are just the same. They will increase your body weight and accelerate your aging rate. Not all fruits have it though. We are talking of sweet fruits like the apples. One is enough for flavor addition. Two are excessive.

  1. Use the juicer before the cooker

Am sure you have several appliances in your home. Many are for food preparation like the microwave, steamers, cookers and boilers. A juicer is there as well. The sequence you use all these matters a lot. If you use others before the juicer, you are making a mistake. Juicing should always come first. That’s because you need to drink the juice some time before a meal, half an hour at least. It is better that way because you won’t lose the vital nutrients. Everything will be absorbed into your system before the bulk foods come in.

  1. Your juicer or fruits are not clean

The best part about a juicer is that it makes absorption of the nutrients 100% simple by availing the nutrients in their simplest form. Again, anything in the fruits whether harmful will be easily absorbed into the body. If your fruits are not safe with high pesticide concentration, you will be getting that chemical into your body.

  1. You don’t have a juicer at all

That’s the first mistake that stands out over the others. If you don’t have this appliance, you will not be making the above mistakes, but that’s the worst mistake. Its better to be juicing and making simple mistakes, at least there is room for improvement. Be without a juicer, and benefit nothing.

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What are the Factors that Lead to Success in Body Building?

When one has embarked on body building it is important that one is assured of success. Success should be guaranteed before one starts the exercises. This is facilitated when both the client and the instructor work together. They should work in comparison with each other in order to achieve the desired results. The following are the factors that should be put into application in order to increase the chances of success as a body builder.

  1. Increase in Calorie Intake

Before one starts the body building exercises they are always on their normal diet but once they start the exercises the diet should be adjusted accordingly. There should be an increase in the amount of calories that one takes. As much as the diet is balanced, particular attention should be paid to carbohydrates and proteins. They should have an increase in the amount of proteins and carbohydrates. The proteins are able to help in the building of the muscles while the carbohydrates help in adding the body more energy as it also releases more heat.

  1. Always Start With Warm Up

In order for one to have success in body building they ought to ensure that they incorporate warm ups before the main exercise times. The warm ups help to put the body in the mood for vigorous exercises. It is prepared to accommodate the main exercises that have been planned for the day. The warm ups usually start slowly as they gradually progress into the main body building exercises. When one eliminates the warm ups they are likely to experience body pain as a result of injured body muscles. In order to avoid the pain they should start with the gradual warm ups as they slowly progress into the main exercises.

  1. Have a Variety of Body Building Exercises

For a successful body building exercise variety is of utmost importance. From time to time variations in the work outs should be incorporated in the regime. They should be varied either from week to week or after two weeks. They can also be varied until the appropriate ones are arrived at. The variations can also be effected as one looks for one that is enjoyable and gives instant results of the desired results. Variations also help to reduce the chances of boredom.

  1. Enough Rest

In order to acquire success during the body building exercise regime, one should have enough rest after a workout. They should avoid working tirelessly without rest. Sometimes one can be so desperate and end up overworking without any form of rest. This is a likelihood if one is working without the supervision of an expert trainer. The expert professional is able to regulate all the exercise and allow one to have enough rest.

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What is Gynecomastia?

In simple layman language, when a man’s breast size increases more than the normal, it is known as Gynecomastia. Millions of men and boys suffer from this disorder at one time or the other. In most men, this is not a permanent problem and tends to go away on its own as they reach adulthood.


Also known as man boobs or moobs, it is quite an embarrassing problem for the men. The social stigma attached with this disorder can harm a person’s self worth. Although, the important thing to know is that, gynecomastia is not always a health threat.

Causes of Gynecomastia

Important thing to know is that any imbalance in the levels of male and female hormones, in a man’s body, can cause gynecomastia. Every man has male hormones known as the androgens, but their body also produces the female hormone known as estrogen, as well. The production of estrogen in a male body is very little as compared to the androgens. When these levels of hormones are disturbed and the estrogen level rises in men, they tend to show some female characteristics. Of these female characteristics occurring in men, enlargement of the breast size is most common.

The various causes of gynecomastia are:

  • Ageing – As men age the production of testosterone reduces in body while the production of estrogen remains the same. This disturbs the delicate male-female hormone balance and results in man boobs.
  • Genetic – In very rare cases gynecomastia can be a genetic problem, as such inherited from parents or grand-parents.
  • Medication – in some medicines, gynecomastia can be a side effect. Common medicines which cause this disorder are anabolic steroids, stomach acid drug, heart drug, prostate cancer drug and several others.
  • Alcoholism – alcohol affects the liver function. When the liver does not metabolize estrogen in the male body properly, it results in gynecomastia.
  • Chronic Diseases – Sometimes chronic diseases like liver failure, liver cirrhosis, cystic fibrosis etc. too cause the estrogen levels to rise in the male body.
  • Tumors– Testicular tumors, choriocarcinoma, adrenocortical tumors, pituitary gland tumors etc. can produce hormones that alter the fine male to female hormone balance.

How Is It Diagnosed?

There is no fixed way to confirm gynecomastia. Its diagnosis is based on complete physical examination of the male suffering from the said problem. Once a complete physical is done by the doctor, they proceed to collect any family related history pertaining to this issue. Subsequent to this a mammogram or ultrasound is conducted. And finally, a biopsy is done in order to get a fluid sample for histology purposes.

Treatment for Gynecomastia

In some cases a simple exercise and diet regimen works wonders. But, this is not true for everyone. Doctors first try to control this problem through medication for suppressing the estrogens in male body. When that too does not bear fruits, the last resort is surgery for breast size reduction.


Although not a physical threat, gynecomastia might be a sign of some other underlying health problem. So ideally it should not be ignored and proper treatment for the same should be pursued. Right treatment will make your body healthy and relieve you of any social distress which the situation caused earlier.